Junior Executive Board

The Minnesota Red Angus Association is working together with the Minnesota Junior Red Angus Association to find an individual who is excited and willing to promote the Red Angus breed throughout the state of Minnesota. This process and title is called the Minnesota Junior Red Angus Ambassador program.

The person selected as the ambassador will represent both the senior and junior associations of the state. Not only will this young person have the opportunity to promote the breed around the state and meet great producers from different areas, but also the winner of the ambassador competition will be given a Belt Buckle and a $250 scholarship! That’s quite a bit of incentive to promote cattle!

So, you want to be an Ambassador?

The ambassador competition program will be held in conjunction with the Minnesota Red Angus Association annual meeting in Hutchinson, MN on November 28th. The competition will include completion of the enclosed application and a three to five minute speech to be presented to those attending the annual meeting. The speech topic may be anything relating to the Red Angus breed or a general beef industry issue (i.e. importance of Jr. programs, carcass data, feeder calf programs).

Please do not do a presentation on why you want to be the ambassador. A panel of senior association members will judge the presentation and application.

To enter, you must be a Minnesota Junior Red Angus member between the ages of 15 and 21. You must work well with people and have good people skills, be willing to attend the annual meeting, and at least one of the following: the MN Cattleman’s summer tour, the regional Red Angus Jr. show in Fargo in July, the 4-H and the State shows at the MN State Fair. (You only need to attend; you do not need to show.)

The Jr. Association will reimburse the ambassador the amount of $25 per event for expenses involved with the travel after 2 events have been attended. If you are interested in applying to be the next ambassador, complete the application and bring 4 copies to the Association Annual meeting in November. Also, please notify Megan Nelson if you are planning to run for the Minnesota Red Angus Ambassador.

Have your speech ready and we’ll see you at the annual meeting!

Please contact Megan if you have any questions at 320-282-5140

Jr Advisor:
Megan Nelson
30035 County Rd 19
Glenwood, MN 56334
President: Brooke Calteaux
Vice President: Ella Doehling
Secretary/Treasure: Breelee Berkenpas
Ambassador: Brooke Calteaux

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